That time of the month

It hurts everywhere from top to bottom. Head, breasts, bowels, lower back. I can’t sit, I can’t lie down, and I actually can’t stand any position for 1 to 2 days. It comes… Continue reading


I learned a few weeks ago that I had mononucleosis. Nothing alarming since 99% of the population gets it at some point, but the effects are annoying and seem to last forever. Even… Continue reading

“Highly resistant to stress”

Dear motherfuchers in charge of the recruitment, Fuck you. Fuck you big time (unless some of you are still reasonable and sensitive human beings, in which case don’t take it personally. You lovely… Continue reading

Béton armé

Des cris sur le trottoir. Le rouge succède au noir. Ça tue sur le béton, Se bat sur tous les fronts. Le feu se mêle au sang, Aux larmes des innocents. Combien d’éclairs,… Continue reading

What I Could Do To You

Would you keep me if you knew I could shatter your heart into a million shards, leave your skin dry under the hottest sun like an old dead tree in an endless summer?… Continue reading

The Heart of the Matter

Some things are a matter of fact: your mind, your soul, your heart. They make you who you are. Try to set them apart or enter the wrong fight, they will just strike… Continue reading

The 2012 Music Experience

2012 was a rich year in terms of exploring music, listening to new artists, attending concerts and randomly browsing Youtube in search of good musical surprises. Well, sometimes all I got was crap… Continue reading

Not Much

Dear friend whom I haven’t talked to for a whole year and who calls me every December to put your mind at peace with your “Let’s keep in touch” principle. After babbling about… Continue reading

Sunday Heartwarmers #3

Killing the Sunday night blues…

Nothing Aside

I wanna write. More. Miles and miles of words. Uninterrupted. Drown some in sewer pipes. Meet dead-ends. Get lost. I wanna catch stars. Loads. Take chances. Breathe the moment. Live life in slow… Continue reading

And the award goes to…

“It’s really shiny. […] Oh, yeah, you should enjoy it forever, Elaine, but it’s where you display it– that’s the key. See, if you put it on the mantelpiece and it says to… Continue reading

Sunday Heartwarmers #2

Monday’s coming. And it’s getting cold.