For Lovers Only? Oh, wait…

Just as we all have our own special songs and books echoing some particular moments of our lives, we also have special films in mind that turned out to shake a wide range of emotions within us. They’re not necessarily related to our own stories, sometimes they may not even feel realistic but the depth and the beauty that come out of them – either from the lines or the pictures or the music or all of these things at the same time – leave strong prints on our souls and senses.

As for me, I feel like my life might have been slightly different if I had not watched films like “Into the Wild”, “A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints”, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, “Fur”, “The Wild Child” and a few other ones. Not that these films literally changed my life but they sure had an impact on the way I see and feel things. That’s the magic of cinema: once in a while, the balance of what makes you who you are and what you believe in is suddenly challenged through a combination of talents in the writing, filming and acting.

I know nothing about filming techniques and cinema history. I’m probably not enough of a movie goer to pay much attention to what’s behind the screen. All I can trust then is the way I feel the moment I’m watching. I’m a contemplative emotional kind of person; if the substance hits me, I abandon myself to it. And truthfully, films and music probably represent the only rare moments when I allow myself to let things go entirely. That and when I’m in love, which has not happened in a while now…

Speaking about love and films, there’s something I want to watch so bad that I’m just freaking out not finding any release date in Europe. I’m talking about “For Lovers Only”.

Produced, written and directed by the Polish Brothers, the film features Stana Katic and Mark Polish as Sofia and Yves, two ex-lovers reviving their romance while traveling France after they bumped into each other in Paris.

Anticipation can sometimes be a great moment to live. All this time waiting, dissecting the teasers, reading reviews, reactions and interviews, checking screencaps and BTS pics, finding details about the filming, the locations etc., is an endless source of pleasure, excitment and, let’s say it, HUGE FRUSTRATION (especially when people who actually watched the film at the Zlin Film Festival show their enthusiasm all over the Internet) (especially when you have no idea when you’re gonna be able to see it) (dammit!).

Of course, I know I may be disappointed in the end. Anticipation comes with setting the bar very high and hoping your expectations will be met. But strangely, I have a very good vibe about this film. The teasers, as well as the song choices, already exude the brightness and the beauty of “what being in love is”, as Mark Polish put it in an interview performed by the French website “Films de Lovers”.  As little as we get to see of the film in the teasers, the aesthetic quality is obvious and the intimacy between the two lead characters is so well-rendered that I wonder if I’ll ever be able to watch the film in a theatre room surrounded by strangers…

Kubilay Uner performed the score of the film and, luckily, we have the opportunity to listen to his music on his official website. This, added to the playlist tweeted by Mark Polish, feels like little treats that are fully part of the anticipation process. They set some kind of a context here, appeal to our senses and offer some classy highlight to a promising piece of art.

I can’t put an end to this post without mentioning how shining Stana Katic is in the teasers. I don’t remember having watched a contemporary film in black and white so it’s impossible for me to make any comparison or find references (besides, I don’t know much about the French New Wave). All I can say about her then is how she literally fills the screen with her beauty and presence. I already know that she’s an amazing actress, but here I think her gorgeousness is serving her so well! I mean, I have no doubt the camera work was beautifully done and I will never underestimate it, but I guess it must be a dream for a cinematographer to capture Stana’s classic beauty. She’s a charismatic person, full of grace, brightness and elegance. Her face is very expressive and she has the ability to light up the screen with just a wink of a smile. Truly amazing!

So now the next step for me is to get an official release date in France. Or in Belgium. Or in the UK (yes, I’m ready to travel!). The wait is not over yet but apparently “For Lovers Only” is supposed to be released in June or July in the U.S. I truly hope it’s gonna be well received there and I can’t wait to read more reviews – not necessarily from professional critics who’ll probably make tons of comparisons with New Wave films or previous works by the Polish Brothers (my knowledge on this matter will be too limited anyway) but from people who, just like me, will let their emotional side and feelings speak for themselves. And based on what I’ve read until now, I guess disappointment will definitely not be on the agenda… 🙂