And Two Hearts

The Break Up (Ben Fenske)

Starts like a fairytale: Prince Charming all around
kills so many dragons, unbuilds the fortress,
gets me out of prison, saves me from loneliness.
Kind words, cleared trail, and two hearts bond.

Then comes the roughest part. The daily grinds of life,
being one when we’re two, being ‘I’ before ‘we’,
just make me slip into fighting ordinary.
Everything’s torn apart and two hearts strive.

The last chapter opens on anger and outburst,
unsuspected feelings release the tears uncried.
I now spread out my wings and go the other side,
The story is over and two hearts hurt.

Seems like in times of grace, the biggest beast of all
doesn’t show when you meet, does’t wound when you’re strong.
It sleeps under your sheets, looks for things to be wrong,
worms into your weakness before it makes you fall.

Starts like a fairytale, dies in a day of rain,
leaves me out of control, weighs down the cross to bear,
eats up all of my soul, disappears in the air,
runs away with the gale until it comes again.

Until it comes again and two hearts melt.

 © Emilie