“Around the System”

This is a thank you speech delivered by actress Felicia Day at the Streamy Awards that were held in Los Angeles in March 2009. This is not brand new but I watched it only very recently and I now feel the need to post this video everywhere. Whether you know who she is or not, whether you like her or not, what she says here makes so much sense to me and is, in many ways, inspiring. As someone who didn’t fit the school system when I was a teenager, as someone who’s still mad at how things work in the education industry (yes, I said “industry”) and as someone who was also involved in this field professionally for some time and still has to face lots of obstacles regarding my current profession, I totally relate to what she tries to convey in this speech. This woman, with regard to her background, her experience and her personality, is just awesomely brilliant.

“As an actor, I want to thank all the casting directors and directors and producers who rejected me horribly and never hired me and didn’t like the way I looked and thought I was nerdy. Because without them beating me down into the ground and making me depressed, I never would have picked up a pen and written my own thing and done it myself around the system. I feel like this is what this night is about, to celebrate people not waiting for permission to make their art. You know, I’m a square peg and I’ve been trying to fit in the round Hollywood hole for a long time. Not everyone is a Joss Whedon that writes square parts. So… Anyway, I hope that inspires other people to do that.”


If you want to know more about Felicia Day, you can visit her official website or her wikipedia page.