A little something I wrote this weekend. Next Thursday is Thanksgiving in the US. It’s obviously not a holiday where I live but I like this particular day for two reasons: the backstory and the fact that it’s a day of gathering (and I’m gonna share a meal with an American friend of mine, yay!). Whatever the meaning we give to it, religious or not, I believe it’s a good way to focus on what we have rather than on what we don’t. The Christmas season is here already: people are getting excited, they make lists, spend more money than usual and are  bombarded with hundreds of commercials floating around. This time of the year is so surreal… Anyway, I just think that sometimes we should put some things into perspective and have a look on what really matters.

For the friendly faces I saw when I turned my head,
and the smiles I received, most of them sweet and real;
for the dances I had and the books that I read,
the words that warmed my heart and the scars that healed;
for the tears of sorrow that ran down my cheeks
and the rain that often washed off the dust;
for the songs that hurt but also sealed the leaks,
and the souls who never breached my trust;
for the days that I lived and the lips that I kissed,
the hands that caught me before I hit the floor;
for the people who died, for the people I missed,
the flame they left me with that got me back to shore;
for the millions of times my parents waved at me
and the millions of laughs I’ll never stop sharing;
for the world, for the love, for friends and family;
for all the things to come and what life has to bring,

I’m grateful.

I tell you, the hard times as much as the failures
were all worth the trouble and were all worth the pain;
every fleeting moment behind every picture,
beneath every silence, did not happen in vain.

 © Emilie