Pole Dance: The Amazing Jenyne Butterfly

I tweeted the first video a few weeks ago. First, I need to say that I know nothing about pole dance. I can’t even remember why or how I ended up watching it but after I did, I browsed through Youtube like crazy to watch other pole dance performances. Among other things that I watched, Jenyne Butterfly is the artist who made the strongest impression on me! Usually, I’m very much into photography, painting and some other visual arts, but dancing and sports in general have never stirred any hint of interest in me (though I don’t question the physical and artistic prowess). And yet, surprisingly, pole dance stroke a chord! It’s probably the combination of aethletic/acrobatic performance, choreography, music, elegance and sensuality that appeals to me. Anyway, I’m running out of words to describe how much this discipline is amazing and beautiful.

Unfortunately, the quality of the videos below is rather poor. However, the visual performance is obvious and I’m glad that these stunning pieces of art were recorded and uploaded. Hats off to Jenyne!  🙂

Jenyne Buttefly – Official Website: http://jenynebutterfly.com/