Twin Falls Idaho

[I write a lot about things that I read or watch. Sometimes, it’s based on true stories, sometimes everything is just fictional. Here is my second attempt at writing something *inspired by* a Polish Brothers film. After watching “For Lovers Only” last year, I was dragged into their work and fell in love with another of their stories: “Twin Falls Idaho”. The film is about conjoined twins, one healthy and one sick, whose relationship is challenged when they meet a young woman. If you’ve never heard about it, click here and check the full storyline and reviews. All I can tell is that this film is hypnotic, haunting, sensitive, poetic, graceful and many other things, but the list would be too long to be mentioned here.

Anyway, my text is written from Blake’s point of view after he was surgically separated from his brother Francis who, sadly, did not survive.]

Half of us means nothing
when the best of me was you,
the whole world we lived in
was made of pain and blue.
I’m stuck in loneliness
for anger and for worse;
half of us was hopeless,
the best of me was cursed.

Two minus one is hell,
us minus you is dead;
the future seems so frail
your thoughts out of my head.
It was our cross to bear:
one blood feeding two hearts.
Two minus one’s unfair,
us minus you can’t last.

Every part of me was yours
before it came undone;
the worst time of this war
is just me going on.
Chills running down my spine
have never hurt this much,
that whole body of mine
starts with you losing touch.

I knew everything
but what did I ever learn
about hope? About us?
About the end of our journey?
We both saw it coming:
I’d live, you’d burn,
and I’d kiss the dust
till someone else saves me.

The rest of the story
can wait for tomorrow.


 © Emilie