All the books that I read taught me the words I know:
which are worth being said, which should not be let go.
And the words that matter are all words I embraced
on a piece of paper before I felt their taste.

Every blank page I filled broke down a new frontier,
every word I released was made of salted tear.
And the songs, and the rhymes that remain uncovered
are moments set in time my soul could never burn.

I choose words I can trust, silence the ones I can’t.
Conceal those that might hurt within the ones that chant.
Live words to the fullest. Love words that push me on.
With the pace of my breath, I turn words into sound.

I write the words I hide and free the ones I shout.
Some words must live untied, some words are better out!
They walk in my footsteps, help me through the unknown.
They’re why I still stand up. My words are all I own.

© Emilie