Fantastic Lille 3000

Though I’m generally not into scifi movies and literature, I grew up with boys who were very much into Star Trek, Star Wars, V and other films/shows dealing with space, aliens and basically anything as long as it involved spaceships, guns and intergalactic battles. Being the only girl meant I never had my say regarding the programs we were watching on TV or the games we were playing. That’s probably why I quickly abandonned typical girls’ activities: being left aside with my barbies was not that fun so I made the most of my situation and ended up playing boys’ games, dressing up as a medieval knight (guys needed no princess), watching boys’ programs and fighting a lot. And I mean *a lot*. Like in kickboxing. Like in getting a black eye because your face was hit by a Millenium Falcon replica. But anyway…

Yeah, that hurts…

I am, however, a big fan of fantasy/psychological/paranormal/gothic dramas such as The X Files, The Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone or Alfred Hitchock Presents. And as far as literature was concerned, I was always appealed, as a kid, by the darkest books I could find on the children’s shelves of the library: the Sherlock Holmes series, Hitchcock’s and Poe’s short stories and – later on – the Brontë sisters’ novels. I love gothic stories and I love the feeling you get when you’re dragged into events that cannot be explained rationally. Mystery is an amazing way for kids to develop their imagination. There’s always fear, of course, but fear generates adrenalin and, in some way, I also believe that fear helps broaden the minds in the sense that we have to admit that maybe there’s something else out there. Something bigger than us. Or at least something different.
That leads me to talk about what’s currently happening in the city I live in. The council must have an enormous budget dedicated to culture because every year is marked by a series of events in line with a particular theme. The 2012-2013 season is entitled “Lille Fantastic”. Many festivities, events, concerts, exhibitions, etc., focusing on fantasy and scifi will be organized throughout the year. Up to now, I’ve attended two amazing exhibitions: the first one is called “Science & Fiction” and presents costumes and original objects that were used in scifi movies and TV shows, as well as spaceship replicas, robots and toys. No need to say that geeks will be thrilled but I’m pretty sure anyone – girls included – will enjoy being sent back to childhood for a brief moment. The second exhibition, “Phantasia”, highlights the work of artists and designers who made pieces inspired by enigmatic creatures and imaginary worlds. Both exhibitions are awesome, and that comes from a girl who’s never been a contemporary-art enthusiast. The visitors’ imagination and senses are constantly appealed by the colors, the materials, the staging and the sensitivity of the artists. Rarely have I been so thoroughly transported by modern art! I went with a friend of mine. We took many pictures but, most importantly, we had a lot of fun and felt like kids in a candy store.
“Science & Fiction”, Maison Folie Wazemmes, Lille, France
“Phantasia”, Tri Postal, Lille, France
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