Nothing Aside

I wanna write. More.
Miles and miles of words.
Drown some in sewer pipes.
Meet dead-ends.
Get lost.
I wanna catch stars. Loads.
Take chances.
Breathe the moment.
Live life in slow motion.
Enter bookstores.
Smell pages.
Brush the fragile
Leave nothing aside.
Hates or likes.

I wanna speak. Less.
Be better heard.
Fly a kite.
All that I’ve got.
I wanna go far. Walk roads.
Cross bridges.
Be a bottle in the ocean.
Reach new shores.
Split sentences
Into mental
See spring tides
Breaking dykes.

I wanna love. Often.
Never fear the awkward
And unexpected
Second sights.
Make things happen.
Give luck a shot.
I want my soul unshadowed.
Jump fences.
Feel different.
Trust my intuitions.
Open doors.
Collect pieces
Of occasional
And let no one decide
What is right

For me.

© Emilie