The Heart of the Matter

Some things are a matter of fact:
your mind, your soul, your heart.
They make you who you are.
Try to set them apart
or enter the wrong fight,
they will just strike you back
and leave a scar
in your life.

Some things are a matter of truth:
your loves, your hopes, your pains.
You don’t decide.
You don’t explain.
You can’t fly under the radar
or find any excuse.
There’s no place safe to hide,
not even in the dark.

Some things are a matter of choice:
the choice to be kind,
caring, faithful.
Or the choice to be blind
and cruel and fierce.
Pick a side, change the rules.
It’s up to you.
War or peace.

Some things are a matter of time,
they bloom in what you do:
building the world bit by bit;
holding a hand; filling the void
you don’t want to fall into;
standing on your feet,
rain or shine;
raising your voice.

You’ve got the facts.
You know the truth.
You have the choice
to make this time
Today, more than ever,
your voice
is power.

© Emilie