The big 5 for the next 12

If resolutions were to be kept, the world would be full of fit athletic people eating salad and drinking detox tea with every meal. Yuk! Luckily, resolutions are meant to be broken, and every month hundreds of exercise bikes are left to rust in dark and humid basements.

Resolutions are unachievable goals because they’re either too big to be attained or too superficial to be taken seriously. For someone like me who has zero self-control or discipline, making resolutions is as risky as leaving chocolate cake unattended on the kitchen table, hoping I won’t get a slice. Or eat it all.

But after 37 years of no resolution-making, I’m now ready to give it a try. Except that I don’t want those resolutions to be a burden, and I don’t want them to be called “resolutions” in the first place. So instead, I’m making “plans”. And to get better results, I’m also letting people know about them for some support and encouragement.

Plan 1: a better diet
My love for good food  combined with various little life incidents such as, let’s say, bad genes, and the pill, and the thyroid, and not caring enough, and all the rest, have never really helped me stay in good shape. I already tried – and succeeded! – to lose weight a couple of times in the past, but I don’t particularly cherish that time when I I used my exercise bike at 5:30 am before going to work and had a drastic diet with basically no sugar, no fat, no dairies, no salt, no taste, no pleasure, no nothing. Although, honestly, it worked pretty great… for a while. I mean, until I was too tired to get up early and too hungry to stop my stomach from craving junk food. Big. Fail. Then I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, did great for about a year with healthy home-made meals and the help of my boyfriend, got a bit too much confidence about my own strength to keep doing well without him, and then started to eat crap full of gluten again. And now, my stomach is a complete mess almost constantly. Add it up to the fact that my father had a stroke 2 years ago and my mother has diabetes and heart problems, my life expectancy is seriously challenged. That’s a bit annoying considering I’m planning to live at least 100 years. So I better start being more rigorous about the way I eat and make that shadow above my head fade away. A better diet is not a resolution, it’s a necessity because if I don’t go back on tracks, I’m afraid my gastritis will eventually lead to something more serious. However, my healthy plan also includes occasional relapse. No one can live without fat and/or sugary crap once in a while…

Plan 2: a new job
I want to stop driving 25,000 km and spending about 3,000 euros in gas per year  just for work. I want something at shorter distance. I want more fun. I want to learn again instead of being stuck in something that I do well but has gotten boring over the years. And I want to meet new people. Since traditional job applications don’t really seem to work (besides the language barrier that I’m facing in my adoptive country), I have to get creative. I’m working on it.

25c18c4b5f6fa02f2f8af6c77039617aPlan 3: more  activities
I do realize that I spend an insaaaaaane amount of time on the Internet, mostly browsing websites that don’t bring any added value to my life. I can watch stupid kitten videos for hours, or heartbreaking soapy stories such as the one about this woman who didn’t want an abortion and gave birth to a heavily handicapped baby that died a few hours after he was born, or playing bubble shooter, or reading recipes that I’ll never cook. Part of this time should be dedicated to being more productive or having fun. Playing the piano (which I already do anyway), handcrafting, writing, reading, socializing… There’s room for so many things. Well, up to now, I’ve already deleted a few websites from my bookmarks. And again, I also keep in mind that, once in a while, I’ll need that time-consuming nonsense just to relax and think of nothing.

Plan 4: visit my French friends and family more often
Damn you Facebook! You’re doing a great job at easing up the absence and distance between me and my people! I think I more or less stopped seeing my close ones regularly when I started dating my boyfriend. Then I moved out even further, we got a house, time passed, and I’ve realized that I only see my parents 4 times a year over very short periods of time, and that I haven’t seen some of my friends for several years. I love them and I want to catch up with their lives in a more social way than Facebook.

Plan 5: more sex.
There. I said it. I don’t care whether it’s something that shouldn’t be mentioned here. It’s on my list. Period. And at least I’m sure my boyfriend will support me 100% in achieving my goal… 🙂

So here I am on the 8th of January with my new plans, and none of them really seem unattainable nor superficial.

Happy new year, everyone!