2016 in Music

Most of the music that I listen to is more or less the result of recommendations. It’s in my car that I can truly enjoy it the best on my (long) way to and from work because it’s the only moment I can’t be distracted by people talking to or interrupting me. I have a couple of friends who know exactly what kind of music I like (I’m very much into folk), but there are sometimes “commercial” stuff that I happen to appreciate. Here’s a short list of what 2016 was musically made of for me:

Cara Dillon. “Bright Morning Star” was part of the “2015 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards” playlist that I discovered on Youtube. In some way, this song is the perfect cliché of what I like about folk music: traditional instruments and a melancholic melody.

Cats on Trees. Their last album was recommended by a colleague. Although I don’t like it all, some of the songs are quite pleasant. Here’s my favorite one:

George Ezra. Sometimes I wonder if I live on an island. I only heard that song for the first time in 2016 although it’s more than 2 years old and, as I was told, it was quite a big hit on the radio.

Imagine Dragons. Not new either.

Sam Smith. “Stay With Me” is from 2014, like the 2 previous songs above. I must have slept the whole year…

X-Ambassadors. “Renegades” was everywhere on the radio last year and at least I didn’t miss this one (phew!).

Frederika Stahl. She wrote the soundtrack of “Tomorrow”, a fantastic and optimistic documentary about solutions to fight climate change. Please watch, it’s worth it! And of course, listen.

Jamestown Revival. Because sometimes Youtube makes good suggestions.

Kongos. The video automatically started after I watched another clip. Not complaining.

Max Jury. Because a colleague told me to listen to him and that was good advice.

Ray LaMontagne. This. Man. He’s so talented! The first song I heard a few years ago was “Be Here Now” and it was in an episode of “Bones”. Although I liked it a lot, I didn’t dig any deeper, until someone posted “Lesson Learned” on Facebook. Now I’m in Love.

Seafret. Random but great Youtube find.

Tom Odell. “Storms” is not from his latest album but 2016 was the year I first heard of this amazing teenager-looking artist. He also released a new album last year.