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Béton armé

Des cris sur le trottoir. Le rouge succède au noir. Ça tue sur le béton, Se bat sur tous les fronts. Le feu se mêle au sang, Aux larmes des innocents. Combien d’éclairs,… Continue reading

The Heart of the Matter

Some things are a matter of fact: your mind, your soul, your heart. They make you who you are. Try to set them apart or enter the wrong fight, they will just strike… Continue reading

Nothing Aside

I wanna write. More. Miles and miles of words. Uninterrupted. Drown some in sewer pipes. Meet dead-ends. Get lost. I wanna catch stars. Loads. Take chances. Breathe the moment. Live life in slow… Continue reading

Beauty in the Streets (What Keeps Me Walking)

There’s beauty in the streets for my eyes to catch and my heart to feel: grass finding its way through the asphalt, flowers growing between bricks; green hands tearing the grey fabric, sowing… Continue reading

Unflying Paper Planes

Here we are, 20 years later, digging up what we were when we were younger. 20 years after time hit us hard and fast. Here we are now talking about the past. A… Continue reading


All the books that I read taught me the words I know: which are worth being said, which should not be let go. And the words that matter are all words I embraced… Continue reading

Twin Falls Idaho

[I write a lot about things that I read or watch. Sometimes, it’s based on true stories, sometimes everything is just fictional. Here is my second attempt at writing something *inspired by* a… Continue reading

The Missing Piece

Somehow stuck in between here and there, in and out a place you’ve never really seen, absent-minded heart, it told you not to tell words I couldn’t hear elsewhere. Strength fails you in… Continue reading

Ice and Snow

The sun is hiding behind a heavy sea of clouds, everything’s grey downhill. Dark granite walls are standing still as if the signs of time were not allowed. Only sullen faces and weary… Continue reading


A little something I wrote this weekend. Next Thursday is Thanksgiving in the US. It’s obviously not a holiday where I live but I like this particular day for two reasons: the backstory… Continue reading

Unroll the Dice

Oh, if I could unroll the dice, erase the price you had to pay for all the bad mistakes I made and the people I hurt; if I could just clean off the… Continue reading

My Little Girl

[Although I don’t have a daughter, one of my friends does. And each time I spend time with them, I’m fascinated by the connection that exists between these two. Mother-daughter relationships can often… Continue reading