Ice and Snow

The sun is hiding behind a heavy sea of clouds, everything’s grey downhill. Dark granite walls are standing still as if the signs of time were not allowed. Only sullen faces and weary… Continue reading

Pole Dance: The Amazing Jenyne Butterfly

I tweeted the first video a few weeks ago. First, I need to say that I know nothing about pole dance. I can’t even remember why or how I ended up watching it… Continue reading


A little something I wrote this weekend. Next Thursday is Thanksgiving in the US. It’s obviously not a holiday where I live but I like this particular day for two reasons: the backstory… Continue reading

Diane Arbus

The first time I ever heard of Diane Arbus was when I watched “Fur”, a movie starring Robert Downey Jr and Nicole Kidman. The movie itself is a masterpiece but is just a… Continue reading

Unroll the Dice

Oh, if I could unroll the dice, erase the price you had to pay for all the bad mistakes I made and the people I hurt; if I could just clean off the… Continue reading

My Little Girl

[Although I don’t have a daughter, one of my friends does. And each time I spend time with them, I’m fascinated by the connection that exists between these two. Mother-daughter relationships can often… Continue reading

Into a Wall

Back on the edge of my childhood, cotton candy and sharp toys A bit bolder than girls my age, a bit colder than boys Building tree houses and cardboard spaceships, that’s all I… Continue reading

Big Dam Heroes

What I like about the Internet and social networks is that being a fan of something makes you belong to a community. You can share your excitement with people who are as excited… Continue reading

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Alright, this is clearly something my friends keep mocking me about. There was this one time, a few years ago, when we were all playing a questionnaire game. I was asked the famous… Continue reading

“Around the System”

This is a thank you speech delivered by actress Felicia Day at the Streamy Awards that were held in Los Angeles in March 2009. This is not brand new but I watched it… Continue reading

Meet You Halfway

This is not what we are nor what we used to be, you standing here, and me looking at the altar from so far away. We ran many miles, and yet the journey… Continue reading

Where You Stand

[TV addicts may recognize a few lines borrowed from the wonderful show ‘Castle’. I wrote this piece the night after I watched episode 3×16 entitled ‘Setup’. Some lines inspired me, and although this… Continue reading